NVC Newsletter

December 2018, Volume 68, Issue 11

NVC Veterans Day 2018

For the second consecutive year, the Nisei Veterans Committee and NVC Foundation held a Veterans Day event.  Our Veterans Day event is in memory of the late Tosh Okamoto, who asked the Nisei Veterans Committee to host an annual Veterans Day event.  The keynote speaker was Brigadier General (Retired) Oscar B. Hilman.  BG Hilman spoke on several topics including Veterans Affairs improvements, how the Filipino WWII veterans received the Congressional Gold Medal, and how the Nisei Veterans Congressional Gold Medal campaign helped them. 


NVC Foundation Scholarship Program - Applications Available NOW!

The NVCF Scholarship Program awards up to four $3,000 scholarships each year. The first is the NVC/WAC Scholarship.  This honors the Nisei Veterans Committee and the Women’s Auxiliary Committee.  Up to three scholarships are awarded to honor Shiro Kashino, a highly decorated member of the 442nd RCT, the 2nd Commander of the NVC and an active community leader.

Contested Histories Exhibit Visits NVC Hall

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the Japanese American National Museum brought Contested Histories: Art and Artifacts from the Allen Hendershott Eaton Collection to the Nisei Veterans Committee Memorial Hall.  The museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories of Japanese Americans, a mission that closely aligns with that of the NVC.

Hanford Trip

Dale Kaku reports on a trip to visit the nuclear reactor in Hanford, WA.  Reactor B is probably one of the most historic sites in the state of Washington.  Reactor B is the world’s first nuclear reactor, and the plutonium from the reactor was utilized in the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. 

Houses for Peace: Exploring the Legacy of Floyd Schmoe

The Seattle Quaker peace activist Floyd Schmoe (1895 -2001) is featured in the NHK WORLD-JAPAN documentary, Houses for Peace: Exploring the Legacy of Floyd Schmoe. The program will be screened on Sunday, January 13, 2019, at 2 p.m. at the University of Washington Kane Hall 120.  Admission is free and open to the public.


The NVC Hall has had many groups visit to learn about the Japanese American experience during WWII.  In order to fully appreciate the amazing sacrifices our Nisei veterans made, the students learn about the discrimination they and their families faced, both before and after the incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans.  Be sure to take a look at the photos.

Images of America—Minidoka National Historic Site

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese military forces attacked the U.S. military bases located in and around Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  This attack on U.S. military forces set in motion a chain of events that would change the lives of 110,000 civilians of Japanese heritage...

Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice Now Available

...The final film includes additional scenes about Min Yasui’s postwar life and work, including the JACL campaign for citizenship rights for Japanese American immigrants; Min Yasui’s cross-cultural community work; the national redress movement; and the reopening of Min Yasui’s legal case in the 1980s...