NVC Newsletter

NVC at Japan Week at Bellevue College

by Walt Tanimoto and Geri Lynne Egeler
October 2018, Volume 68, Issue 9

Japan Week is a Japanese festival “Matsuri,” dedicated to celebrating Japan’s rich culture and history. The Nisei Veterans Committee along with the NVC Foundation joined in on the final day of fun on Saturday, Oct 6th at Bellevue College.

With a fun day of games, music, workshops, activities, and Flea Market full of authentic Japanese gifts, the NVC and NVC Foundation members organized an exhibitor’s booth with an original 442nd military uniform with badges of honor, videos, photographs, educational banners -- and let’s not forget the Instagram Frame!

We had a great time explaining the history of events from the greatest generation to current war veterans.  Many people stopped by to see the exhibits, try on the helmet, watch the videos, and view photos from our past events.  It’s through these interactions that we are able to tell the story of our Nisei legacy how they struggled, and overcame adversity at home and abroad through hard work and faithful service to our nation.  We even had time to talk about the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, Redress, and why House Resolution 442 was named after the famed Japanese-American 442nd Regimental Combat Team.  It was also heart-warming to hear many of the people stopping by and thank us for our military service.

 Attending the exhibitor’s booth was Commander Walter Tanimoto, Dale Kaku, Geri Lynne Egeler, and Atsushi “Ats” Kiuchi who did wonderful engaging the crowd.