NVC Newsletter

Mukai Farm & Garden Welcomes Neighbors at first Vashon Japan Festival 2018

by Geri Lynne Egeler
October 2018, Volume 68, Issue 9

Like traditional Japanese street fairs, Vashon Japan Festival featured activities for all ages on September 22, including: Taiko drummers, Matsuri Odori dancers, Sake, Japanese beer garden, mochi pounding demonstrations, and exhibitor’s booths.

The NVC and NVC Foundation organized a booth attended by NVC Foundation members Sue Beeson, current resident on Vashon Island, and Geri Lynne Egeler.

With about a 1,000 people attending the one day out-door festival, Lawrence Matsuda read one of his poems on stage as guests strolled the Mukai House and Garden.

The Mukai Farm & Garden reminds us of the influential contributions of the Mukai family and the Japanese American immigrant community to 20th century agriculture, business, and community life. It shows how history lives and is relevant to our lives today.