NVC Newsletter

Commander's Column

by Walter Tanimoto
October 2018, Volume 68, Issue 9

Greeting and Happy Holidays!

My thanks to NVC Foundation life member Geri Lynne Egeler for coordinating our efforts and the volunteers who helped at the Vashon Island Japan Fair in September and Japan Week at Bellevue College in October. 

Also, a reminder to attend the NVC Veterans Day event on Saturday, 10 November, at 10:30 am at the NVC Memorial Hall.  I encourage as many veterans to attend wearing our red NVC hats/100th Infantry Battalion hat, and some or all of your military keep sakes like awards, hats, jackets, patches, pins, etc.

It’s with sadness Gold Star wife, Naomi Kimura passed away in October.  Naomi is the wife of 1st Lieutenant Kaz Kimura who was killed in the Vietnam War.  1LT Kimura’s photo is proudly displayed on our wall of KIA’s; and his legacy is continued through Kaz Kimura scholarship through the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.

In November most of us look forward to Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season, but this November also has special meaning to veterans and families. 

This year, Veterans Day on 11 November marks the centennial celebration of the of end of World War I (WWI).  More than 4.7 million American men and women served during WWI.  More than 350,000 African Americans served in the U.S. military, as did Native Americans and members of other minority groups. And, for the first time, women joined the ranks of the U.S. armed forces.

Japan has also celebrated Self-Defense Forces Commemoration Day in November since 1966.  This is similar to our Armed Forces Day.  The Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF), officially established on July 1, 1954, consists of three branches: Japan Ground SDF (JGSDF), Japan Maritime SDF, and Japan Air SDF.  We are fortunate in our opportunities to collaborate with the Japan Ground Self Defense forces for the past six years with the Rising Thunder Exercise and JGSDF Luncheon event at our Vets Hall.  The NVC mailed a letter of congratulations to Consul General Yamada and to Lieutenant Colonel Fumio Takagi of the JGSDF assigned as a Liaison Officer at I Corps at Joint Base Lewis-McChord on the 64th Anniversary of the establishment of the Japan Defense Agency and the inauguration of the Japan ground, maritime, and air self-defense forces on 1 July 1954. 

In closing, I want to thank everyone for being the best volunteers and for your personal donation of time to help the NVC and Foundation continue the Nikkei legacy through current day veterans and families.

PS:  And a reminder about my open door policy, I am at the Vets Hall most Fridays, but call or email me first to make sure I am there, or just give me a call or email. 

Cell:  (253) 797-6933    
Email:  wttanimoto@gmail.com

Happy Holidays!