NVC Newsletter


by Keith Yamaguchi
January 2018, Volume 68, Issue 1

Before you read this article, please know that this is not an endorsement or promotion of this ride share service. However, I wanted to bring this unique service to your attention.  As we age, our ability to drive becomes impacted and driving for many of us becomes more difficult.  What this means is that the simple things in life that we once took for granted like driving to the store, driving to a medical appointment, driving to have lunch with friends—these types of independent activities are greatly impacted.

I spoke with a friend whose mother and father used this service, and they were pleased with the results.  The program is called GoGoGrandparent, and I have highlighted some of the features of this service.

All you need is a touch tone telephone.  You don’t need a “smart “phone or any wiz-bang apps.

When you place a call, you’ll hear the services available in your area. Press the digit for the service that you want. For example: “Press 1 for a car to your home”

Most folks use GoGoGrandparent for transportation, however, depending on where you live, GoGoGrandparent can help with other things too, such as helping you get groceries, meals and more.

You can press zero at any time to speak with an operator.  They are available 24/7.

You will get text notifications whenever your loved one is on the move.  You can communicate with the person from GoGoGrandparent overseeing the ride at any time, and with the driver while the ride is in progress.  In some cases, you will receive higher level alerts if it looks like your loved one is taking unexpected trips.

If you are an older adult that no longer feels comfortable driving, or if you are a family member that is looking for a way to get mom and dad to a medical appointment but don’t have time in your busy schedule to do so, you may want to look into the GoGoGrandparent program.  The appealing part of this program is that it was originally made for the co-founder’s grandmother as a tool to help him take care of her from far away.  The GoGoGrandparent program is one tool to help older adults live their lives independently for as long as possible.

As I mentioned earlier—this is not an endorsement or promotion for GoGoGrandparent, but it is another transportation option to help older adults and their families maintain a level of independent living.   I can still remember the day that I finally had to take my mom’s car keys away because her driving had become a danger to herself and others.  The loss of independence was hard for her to accept and trying to meet her transportation needs and incorporate them into our busy family’s schedule was difficult at times. I know that in my particular case, I would have been willing to try this program.

I would urge you and your family to sit down and discuss the GoGoGrandparent program and decide if the program is a viable option to meet your particular needs.  You can visit the GoGoGrandparent website to ask for a free GoGoGrandparent brochure.  The brochure will give you more detailed information about the program.