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September 2017, Volume 67, Issue 8

Speaker Series: Facing Prejudice, Past & Present

The August Speaker Series, Facing Prejudice, Past and Present: A Japanese American and Muslim American Community Panel, featured six speakers representing both communities and was facilitated by Ken Mochizuki and NVCF summer intern Danielle Hirano.  Danielle constructed a project in line with the NVCF’s mission statement of “Honoring the Past and Educating the Future.”


How to Request Your Military Awards, Discharge Papers, Medical-Personnel Records

Up to five years ago, the Veterans Administration has doubled and tripled their efforts in creating avenues in which veterans can request copies of their awards, discharge papers, medical and personnel records...

7th ID Soldiers Celebrate Nisei Luncheon

Reprinted with permission from the JBLM Northwest Guardian.  Members of Task Force Bayonet and Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces gathered together for the Fifth annual Nisei Luncheon Sunday in Seattle to celebrate the Japan- U.S. alliance and to honor Nisei veterans.

JBLM/JGSDF/NVC Luncheon at NVC Memorial Hall

The Fifth annual joint luncheon held at the NVC Memorial Hall was attended by about 200 participants.  This joint luncheon honors the sacrifice and efforts of the US Army and Japanese Ground Self Defense Force participating in the Rising Thunder Exercise at Yakima, and celebrates their camaraderie with veterans of the Nisei Veterans Committee. 

Nisei Veterans Committee Annual Golf Tournament Highlights

On the morning of August 21st, 58 golfers braved the eclipse of the sun to enjoy a day of playing together at Foster Golf Links in Tukwila...The delicious lunch was prepared by Terry Takeuchi and Steve Louie and most would agree, the rib steak was their best score of the day.

Nisei Veterans Legacy Exhibit Opens in Japan

Reprinted with permission from MIS VETERANS.  A photographic exhibit on the history of Japanese in Hawaii, with a focus on the service of the nisei in World War II, opened in June at the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum in Yokohama.