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May 2017, Volume 67, Issue 5

Holocaust and Japanese American Connections

When Tosh Okamoto returned from a trip to California where he met a 522nd Field Artillery Battalion veteran from WW II, he wanted the NVC to produce a program explaining the connection between the Nisei soldiers, the Japanese, and the Jews during the WW II Holocaust.  It was determined that the program would be too difficult for one large event, so it was decided that the “Holocaust” program would be presented in three separate events.  A program name, “Holocaust and Japanese American Connections” was established. 



This article is a reprinted excerpt from a posting on the website Discover Nikkei featuring Suma Yagi, an 89 year old Japanese American Nisei poetic living in Seattle and Toshi Washizu, a filmmaker originally from Japan.  Read the poems included in this article. 

75th Remembrance of Puyallup Assembly Center, “Camp Harmony”

The Puyallup Valley Chapter of JACL, in conjunction with the Washington State Fair, will host the 75th Remembrance of Puyallup Assembly Center, “Camp Harmony” on Saturday, September 2, 2017, on the Coca Cola Stage, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Hill 555 Project in Bruyeres, France

Help fund the restoration of the monument honoring the Nisei liberators of Bruyeres, France during WW II.  The monument is located on Hill 555 and was installed in 1947.  This monument represents the heroism, courage and sacrifice by young Nisei soldiers.

NVN Seeks Donations for National Museum of the U.S. Army

National Veterans Network representatives are soliciting your support to raise funds for NVN development of the WWII Nisei Soldier's display at a pre-determined prestigious location in the new National Museum of the U.S. Army (NMUSA) to open in 2019.

What Does the Nisei Veterans' Legacy Mean to You?

Kate Guion is this year's recipient of the NVC/WAC Scholarship.  She is the daughter of Roxanne and Eric Guion.  Kate is the granddaughter of Ted Yasuda.  Here is her essay on the Nisei Veterans' Legacy.

Scholarship Essay

Danielle Hirano is one of this year's recipients of the NVCF Shiro Kashino Memorial Scholarship. She is the daughter of the late Stephene Nakao.  Danielle is in her second year at Whitman College.  Here is her essay on the Nisei Veterans' legacy.

Ishihara Park Dedicated in Santa Monica

Reprinted with permission from the Rafu Shimpo -- The grand opening of Ishihara Park was held on Feb. 25 in Santa Monica as part of the city’s Parks Day.  Ishihara Park was named after a local resident who served with the 442nd.