NVC Newsletter

Telling the Nisei WWII Story at the New National Museum of U.S. Army

by Bridgett Takeuchi and Yuzo Tokita
March 2017, Volume 67, Issue 3

On 27 January 2017, the National Veterans Network (NVN), in conjunction with U.S. Army Museum representatives, presented plans for the new National Museum of the U.S. Army being built on the grounds of Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.  Retired General Shinseki came to Seattle to discuss the importance of the Nisei Veteran stories, as this will be an important exhibit in the museum.  Similar presentations have been made in San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles with plans made for Chicago and potentially other locations.

In addition to requesting contributions of family artifacts to the museum, the NVN and US Army Museum representatives are also looking for monetary donations.  The flyer below explains the objectives for this fundraising effort to help preserve the Nisei soldier story as a part of the museum.

Our goal is to include at least a couple of our Nisei Vets stories as well as a story of one of our local Medal of Honor recipients for the exhibit.    As such, we are asking every family with a WWII veteran connection to donate so that we can reach our desired contribution objective.  But truly, any amount will be sincerely appreciated as this effort to preserve our story in Army history is vital for the many generations to come.

The Museum is also looking for artifacts from our Nisei vets experience.  If you or your family are interested donating in this way, please contact Chris Sketchley at (206) 940-9404. Chris is working directly with the U.S. Army curator in that regard.

If you have any questions, please contact Yuzo Tokita (206) 963-9451 or Bridgette Takeuchi (425) 269-5807 for information, thank you.