NVC Newsletter

Nisei Lunch—All Good Things Must Come to an End (sort of)

by Keith Yamaguchi
March 2017, Volume 67, Issue 3

For those of us that are familiar with this popular program, we all knew that this day would eventually happen. Terry Takeuchi has been working hard to open his own restaurant, and it appears that the time has come and his dream of opening that restaurant is close at hand.

Terry has been such an important part of our Nisei Lunch team and without his skills as a chef and his ability to coordinate the activity of our volunteers in the kitchen -- well, it goes without saying that those skills will be missed.  The success of the Nisei Lunch program would not have happened if it wasn’t for Terry Takeuchi and his leadership.

As we move forward, a new chapter begins in the Nisei Lunch program.  We are pleased to announce that Keiro NW Catering will provide our lunch meals for April and May.  We are very excited about the new partnership and want to thank Keiro NW Catering and in particular, Ron Youmans, Catering Manager for agreeing to participate in the Nisei Lunch program.  The meals provided by Keiro NW Catering will have a Japanese theme to them and I have listed the meal menu for the months of April and May:

April 7

Chicken Teriyaki
Steamed White Rice
Osuimono w/Shitake & Green Onion
Kabocha Nimono

May 5

Ginger Pork
Steamed White Rice
Shredded Cabbage w/Dressing
Miso Soup w/ Gogo & Tofu

In an attempt to keep the menu selection interesting and varied, we are currently talking with a couple of caterers that I believe will address those needs.  I believe most of you will be very familiar with the caterers we are talking with.  We have asked Rain City Catering (currently provide our catering needs for the annual luau event) and Kona Kitchen to consider providing meals for our lunch program.  Once agreements have been reached, I will submit the menus to the newsletter.

I know that everyone who has had the opportunity to take part in the Nisei Lunch program, either as a guest or a volunteer, extend a heartfelt thank you to Terry and wish him all the best in his new business venture!  Good luck!