NVC Newsletter

NVC Commander/NVCF President's Column

by Commander Rick Takeuchi and President Ted Tomita
August 2016, Volume 66, Issue 7

Dear NVC and NVC Foundation (NVCF) Members,

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the month of August.

One of our goals, as the NVC Commander and the NVCF President, is to improve our efforts to ensure that our membership is kept up-to-date on what the leadership of this organization is doing.

With that said, here is a brief highlight of what has been going on since April:

  • The NVC Executive Council and the NVCF Board members have jointly met and will continue to meet each month (unless otherwise determined) to identify, discuss and decide how we can make this organization function better business-wise. 
  • Two initiatives in the works are the implementation of a newly revised budget process for 2017 and beyond for both the NVC and NVCF and the establishment of a joint committee to come up with ways to increase the membership of the NVC and NVCF.
  • We also have and will continue to brainstorm new ideas and proposals on how we can “Rekindle the Spirit” that has made and will continue to make this organization great and relevant.

Over the last six months, we have held several events for our members and our community:

  • The monthly Nisei Luncheon held the first Friday of every month at Vet’s Hall, the NVC/NVCF Memorial Day Service at Lakeview, the NVC Chow Mein Dinner Fundraiser and the NVC/NVCF Summer Cookout are four great examples of what can be successfully accomplished by our members and our community working together. 
  • On August 15, the Annual NVC Golf Tournament was held with 48 golfers participating (An article with the results will be forthcoming in the September NVC Newsletter).

Here are two NVC and NVCF events that are coming in September:

  • On September 10, the NVCF Luau Dinner and Auction will take place once again after a one year hiatus, bringing back the Nisei Veterans’ LUAU tradition will show that socializing, having fun, and simply enjoying one another is a priority in all that we do for our members, family members, friends of the NVCF/NVC and our community.  The LUAU is an outstanding example of the NVCF’s effort to help “Rekindle the Spirit”.  Please plan to attend this very worthwhile event and enjoy the “Aloha” spirit with your family and friends. For additional information please visit our NVCF Luau website: http://luau.nvcfoundation.org
  • On September 17 the NVC will again host a luncheon for members of the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces and members of the 7th Infantry Division from Joint Base Lewis McChord from 10am to 2pm at Vet’s Hall.  This year’s luncheon will feature Japanese food and sake provided by Sasakawa USA.  (See the article in this Newsletter)  If you would like to attend please RSVP Allan Nakamoto at nakamoto.a@comcast.net or Dale Watanabe at dwatanabe@jassw.org

As part of our efforts to keep our members well-informed, we sent out (via email) in July (to all our members), the upcoming month’s joint NVC EC and NVCF Board meeting agenda and the previous month’s general membership meeting minutes.  Our objective in doing this was and is to make sure that our NVC and NVCF members are well aware of what the NVC EC and NVCF Board are working on each month for this organization and its members.  We will make this effort a regular occurrence.  

Another goal that we want to accomplish is to increase the engagement of our membership.  We would like to invite all members to attend our monthly general membership meetings that are held on the last Friday of each month at 7pm at Vet’s Hall in Lefty’s Room.  This is a great opportunity to reacquaint with your fellow members, enjoy a great potluck, and hear first-hand what your leadership group is working on.   

We welcome any ideas and/or suggestions from you on how we can make our organization better and more relevant.  Please send your ideas and suggestions to rickltakeuchi@yahoo.com or thtomita1@gmail.com  

Thank you for your past and continued support of the NVC and NVCF. 

“Honoring and Carrying on the Legacy” and “Honoring the Past, Educating the Future” is what we do and what we are all about.

Please Note: The August 26 Joint NVC EC and NVCF Board meeting and General Membership meeting is CANCELLED (Many members will be attending the Keiro Northwest Golf, Auction and Dinner event on August 26).  Our next Joint NVC EC and NVCF Board meeting and General Membership meeting will be held on Friday, September 30 at 7pm.  We look forward to seeing you there.