NVC Newsletter

Bakery Booth Serves Up Mom’s Favorite Apple Pie -- and More

by Naomi Watanabe Kakiuchi
August 2016, Volume 66, Issue 7

Deliciously submitted by Naomi Watanabe Kakiuchi (Standing in for Bakery Booth Chair Bev Kashino)

On Saturday, June 25th, the NVC kitchen was alive with earnest volunteers and the aroma of Mom’s Favorite Apple Pie as 15 volunteers pumped out 104 pies. The crust makers arrived at 7am. Dale Kaku began to wash apples and the rest of the crew started at 9am to make some of the best pies around.  Using Matsue Watanabe’s filling recipe, the volunteer crew became experts in making prize winning, beautiful pies with flaky crusts and sweet, savory filling.  Keith Bradford, head pie baker kept track of three ovens, three timers and made sure the crusts were---just right.

Sunday dawned with enthusiastic sellers both inside and outside to accept beautiful treats from our baking population as well as sell-out all of our donated baked goods. Net profits were $2,506.

A couple new features this year included:

  • Frozen unbaked apple pies you could take home and bake yourself or keep frozen and save for a later date, and
  • One-sixth slice of pie for those who want to eat on the spot or want a smaller portion of apple pie.

These were very popular and will appear next year.

For 2017 I invite you to:  Commit now to volunteering or donating your homemade goods—our goal next year is to break the $3000 mark for profits from the Bakery Booth!

We thank the following stellar volunteers for their efforts, time and newfound expertise:

Bakers -- Susan Asaba; Keith Bradford; Janice Divina; Bruce Inaba; Shiz and Dale Kaku; Debbie Kashino; Shelley, Erin and Cameron Kato; Nancy and Pattie Kitano; Naomi Kakiuchi; Matsue Watanabe; and Kathy Yee.

Bakery Booth Staff -- Carmen Tsuboi Chan and Paul Chan; Geri Egeler; Danelle Hirano; Bev Ikeda; Shiz Kaku; Debbie Kashino; Shelley, Erin and Cameron Kato; Georgia Lambert; Carla Lew; Nancy Nakatsu; Carol Nichols; Matsue Watanabe; Brandon Wong; David Yamashita (runner for drive through).

Bakery Goods Donations -- Marilyn Akutsu; Susan Asaba; Keith Bradford; Denise Inaba; Naomi Kakiuchi; Debbie and Louise Kashino; Erin, Cam and Shelley Kato; Lilly and Lee Ann Kato; Buff Kohler; Janet Kometani; Carla Mizuta; Nancy Nakatsu; Elizabeth Tanemura; Kris Terada; and Matsue Watanabe.