NVC Newsletter

2016 Chow Mein Raises Funds for NVC Programs

by Dale Kaku
August 2016, Volume 66, Issue 7

Our annual Chow Mein dinner was again successful thanks to the many volunteers.  The financial results were slightly better than last year, and we served over 1,400 dinners.  NVC would especially like to thank our members and supporters who purchased our Chow Mein dinners.  This is the only annual fundraiser for the Nisei Veterans Committee to help maintain the Memorial Hall, the museums, and the Memorial Wall.  Thank you also for the additional generous donations received during the dinner.        

It was very nice to see so many diners in the gym enjoying the company of their family and friends. It appeared that more people were dining in this year, but our dinner count shows the number was approximately the same as the past few years.  Approximately 15% of the dinners are served in the gym.          

The serving of take out and dine in dinners went very smoothly under the supervision of Susan Uyeji, Denise Inaba, and Bridgette Takeuchi.   Eric Uyeji, with Shawn Suto, coordinated the food delivery, and Don Maekawa organized the ticket takers.  Our raffle sales improved this year, thanks to organizers Janet Kometani and Shizu Kaku, and board members who presold tickets.  Dave Nomura and Janice Divina recorded and counted the checks and funds received during the dinner.  Renee Takeuchi and Shizu Kaku counted the dinner tickets to ensure our supply estimates are accurate for future events.  And of course, Commander Rick Takeuchi welcomed everyone to the dinner.          

The outside take out deliveries were well organized by Terry Yaplee and Yuzo Tokita.  A special thanks to Seattle Police Officers Kevin Aratani and Carl Matsumoto who kept our street traffic moving smoothly.  They have annually volunteered their time for our events.                

The tsukemono was prepared days before the Chow Mein dinner.  Tom Kometani organized the tsukemono-making group.  They cut and salted the cabbage, and added their special ingredients.  Tom organized an excellent group of volunteers: Frank Sato, Don Maekawa, Mike Fukuma, Shizu Kaku, Janet Kometani, Mike Yano, Terry Yaplee, Dave Nomura, Ats Kiuchi, and Bruce Inaba.  Frank Sato drained the tsukemono the day before the Chow Mein dinner.  Everyone agreed the results were excellent.               

The weather for our Chow Mein dinner was ideal with some clouds and no wind.  The parking spots on King Street were blocked off the night before to provide a traffic lane for our takeout diners.  The setup in the gym and installations of signs were completed on the morning of the dinner.  The Seattle Indian Center allowed us to utilize their parking, but there seemed to be adequate spaces in our parking lot and the surrounding area.  A canopy was used to shelter the outside sales for our bakery.           

Our take out runners included Russ Akiyama, Tai Kaku, Dean Nakagawa, Bob Nakamura, Junior Nagaki, Lane Shigihara, Bryan Takeuchi, Ted Tomita, Trey Umeda and Sam Umeda. The ticket takers were Art Harano, Mike Higashi, Allen Nakamoto, Joe Sasaki, and Frank Shinoda.          

The largest number of volunteers prepared the dinners and served the diners in the gym.  Thank to: Norm Abe, Maryann Arnone, Joe Cabotaje,  Marinda Chen, Brien Chow, Marcia Chow, Emily Dy, Griffen Fujioka, Penny Fukui,  Torrie Harano, Carolyn Harano, Ken Harris, Bruce Inaba, Leslie Inaba, Patrick Liu, Les Inaba,  Ats Kiuchi, Karen Kosinski, Brenda Matsudaira, Joe Matsudaira, Rei Matsumoto, Erika Matsumoto, Hinako Matsuoka, Andrea McQuate, Anita Mikasa, Carrie Mikasa, Marc Mikasa, Traci Mikasa, Nadine Miyahara, Trevor Murakami, Chris Murakami, Sid Nagendran, Dean Nakagawa, Sue Nakagawa, June Nakamoto, Joyce Nakamura, Carol Nichols, Mickey Nomura, Parker Nomura,  John Ogasawara, Kathleen Okazaki, Lika Seigel, James Shigihara, BJ Takeuchi, Danielle Takeuchi, Shirley Takeuchi, Yukie Takeuchi, Kris Terada, Jayna Umeda,  Roy Williams, Llehrer Willis,  Brandon Wong, Diane Wong, Andrey Yaplee, and Tong Zhu.  And thank you to the seven members of Seattle Kokon Taiko for their help on Sunday.          

Thank you all for volunteering and hope to see you next year.