NVC Newsletter

Fighting For America Workshop for Teachers

August 2016, Volume 66, Issue 7

Using Graphic Novels to Connect Your Students to Japanese American History

Saturday  •  October 29, 2016  •  8:30am - 4:30pm

At NVC Hall and Wing Luke Museum

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Wing Luke Museum has partnered with educator Larry Matsuda, artist Matt Sasaki, and the NVC Foundation to produce Fighting for America: Nisei Soldiers, a graphic novel detailing the experiences of several Japanese American veterans of the Second World War.

Explore the pacing, the visual and sometimes haunting stories of Nisei Veterans in graphic detail in Fighting for America: Nisei Soldiers. Larry Matsuda, a local author and educator, and Matt Sasaki, a graphic artist, retrace the oral histories of six veterans of the Second World War in a stunning and beautiful graphic novel.

These seldom told personal stories touch upon the spirit of duty and the call to young Japanese Americans to claim their place in American and world history. The stories present an effective tool to reach students with issues brushed over by the history books. The novel enhances Middle and High School students’ visual and textual comprehension of world events and challenges them to consider the points of view of the American veterans whose families remained behind barbed wire. 

Please join us this October 29th for a free professional development training and learn how to incorporate this graphic novel into your own classroom instruction. All teachers will receive Fighting for America: Nisei Soldiers book, An American Hero: Shiro Kashino stand-alone chapter, and curriculum guide after completing the training. Clock hours are optional and at an additional cost. For more information, email rgupta@wingluke.org.