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March 2016, Volume 66, Issue 3

In Appreciation of the Newsletter
Lillian Hiyama

In Honor of Roy Fujiwara’s 90th Birthday
Carl and Valerie Itamura
Douglas Onchi
Joe Onchi & Toby Onchi

In Honor of Tokiko  Nagasawa’s  90th Birthday
Margaret Gojio

In Honor of Rosie Yoshizumi’s 90th Birthday
Margaret Gojio

In Memory of Sunao Iwai
Yukiko Iwai

In Memory of Mary Koura
Robert and Sally Nakata          

In Memory of Yoshiko Minato
T. Terie Akada

In Memory of Yosh Ono
George and Misuzu Tanonaka

In Memory of Sam Watanabe
T. Terie Akada
Ann Hunt and Laurie Ozelius
Lynn Marie Longfellow

In Memory of Kaoru Yamada
Lillian Hiyama

Elevator Fund
Michiko Hirata
Frances Nomura
George and Mary Kozu
Toshio and Dolly Tokunaga