NVC Newsletter

Eligible Nisei WW II Vets sought for France's Highest Award: Order National de la Legion D'Honneur

March 2016, Volume 66, Issue 3

The French Government is readily accepting nominations by eligible World War II Nisei veterans, who fought on French soil, for the prestigious French Legion of Honor. The Legion of Honor Is the highest decoration bestowed in France and established on May 19, 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte to honor extraordinary contributions to the country.  Strict prerequisites require a formal nomination packet clearly documenting the nominee's direct contribution to the Liberation of France during World War II, e.g., participation in combat action on French Territory.  The veteran's nomination packet must contain:

  • Honorable Discharge paper, military separation order or DD Form-214
- Military records mentioning their mission(s) on French soil before May 8th, 1945

  • Citations for previous military awards such as the Silver Medal, the Bronze Medal, the Purple Heart Medal or higher distinctions, indicating meritorious actions during combat operations. 

  • A small paragraph explaining their mission(s) on French soil before May 8th, 1945. 

  • The "Proposal Memory” completed in block letters and printed legibly.
  • A copy of a photo (and authentication of name change, if applicable).

For more detailed information to include in the "Proposal Memory" format see: http://www.consulfrance-losangeles.org/spip.php?article2825

Nomination packets must be received by a local servicing French Consulate in the U.S. while the nominee is still living.  Posthumous awards are non-negotiable.  Nominations may be submitted by family or friend on behalf of the veteran.  Nominations received prior to the nominees passing and the subsequent approval can be awarded to the family.  It is highly recommended that the nomination packet be sent to the servicing French Consulate General by a postal tracking number/receipt requested for receipt verification purposes.  The review may take up to one year. 

To locate a local servicing French Consulate see: