NVC Newsletter

Commander's Column

by Yuzo Tokita
March 2016, Volume 66, Issue 3

This is my last column before turning the Seattle Nisei Vets reins over to my successor, Rick Takeuchi, who has served me so ably as my 1st Vice Commander this past year.  I have decided not to get into any "preaching" dialogue, but would rather take this last opportunity to acknowledge and thank all the NVC and NVCF members who I have observed in support of their respective organizations over the years of my terms as Commander.

I am heeding the 'sage advice' of my wife, Lilly, who after seeing my initial draft, said, "Did you remember so-and so and also so-and-so?" who were a couple key individuals I had forgotten!  So I quickly bailed out of that track of trying not to forget and hurt feelings of folks.  So, after balling up that initial draft, I proceeded to be all encompassing in my thank you!

But, I will tell you that as I was gathering my initial 'individual oriented' list, I realized that our 'all-volunteer' membership is truly a very unique and special group of ever-volunteering folk.  There may be some grumbling when asked to do this or that, but come 'put-up' time, they are there to do the job and do it well!

So from the Commander's perspective, I would like to extend my first special personal thanks first to my immediate staffs' and to my NVC Executive Board and past Commanders ... THANK YOU!

Then to all of you in the NVC Foundation staffs and the countless number of you who comprise the NVC and NVCF Committees.  Wow, when I was putting together the Installation Program for this past March 19th Installation Luncheon, the list of NVC and NVCF committees would hardly fit on one page!  I extend to all you Committee chairs and worker bees.. "THANK YOU”.. for keeping our organizations connected and moving forward!

Now then there are the many, many volunteers who materialize out of the woodwork when needed for this "event" or that " project".  The many staff leaders and I shout out an energetic and loud, THANK YOU!  We seriously cannot survive or operate as well as we do without our all-volunteer force.

I just got back from Hawaii where they say their 'thank you' in a manner with more the kind of 'kimochi' I'd like to express to all of you!  So, I direct an emphatic "MAHALO" to all of you!!  And since I'm not going anywhere soon, I will use my time as a member to speak and spread my "Arigato's" to each of you personally and try to help keep IT going!  I encourage everyone to do the same!