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PHOTO GALLERY: Nisei Trilogy Screening

September 2015, Volume 65, Issue 8

Nisei Trilogy Showing "442" at NVC Hall

The Nisei Trilogy: Bridging Future & Past event came to NVC Memorial Hall on June 27th with the film showing of "442: Live With Honor, Die With Dignity" with director Junichi Suzuki, and attracted a record crowd. "442" is one of the trilogy documentaries which also includes "Toyo's Camera, Japanese American History During WWII" and "MIS, Human Secret Weapon."
"442" honors the soldiers of the 442nd Infantry Regiment during WWII, composed mainly of Japanese Americans as they fought not only the enemy, but fought prejudice, facing severe racial discrimination in their homeland. The 442nd was in an ironic predicament, fighting for a country that had branded them as enemies. However, these young men volunteered to fight and prove their loyalty as patriotic Americans, which defined their identity as they risked their lives for the cause.
Included in the photos are speaker David Yamashita,  M/C Ken Mochizuki and director Junichi Suzuki and his wife.