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Nisei Lunch: September Report

by Keith Yamaguchi
September 2015, Volume 65, Issue 8

We got our fearless leader back!! Terry Takeuchi was back at the helm after a well-deserved hiatus (actually played golf in the Nikkei Concerns golf tournament in August).  The menu for the day consisted of a hearty Pork/Tofu rice bowl, green salad and Vanilla Ice Cream with strawberries.

Janice Deguchi, COO with Nikkei Concerns, joined our group for lunch and also made a presentation about the Kokoro Kai Program.

Needless to say, this lunch program would not be possible without our volunteers.  A thanks all of our volunteers: Art Harano, Tom Ikeda, Bruce Inaba, Elaine Ishihara, Shiz Kaku, Craig Murakami, Paul Murakami, Nancy Nakatsu, Dave Nomura, Terry Takeuchi, Yuzo Tokita, Alexis Yamaguchi, Mary Ann Yamaguchi, Keith Yamaguchi, Mike Yano.

The Nisei Lunch program encourages NVC members, NVC Foundation members, their families and friends to come together once a month -- the first Friday of the month at 11:00am -- to enjoy each other’s company and to share in a hot meal.  We even throw in several games of bingo to close out the lunch!  The lunch is no charge if you are an NVC or an NVC Foundation member and if you are not a member; a suggested donation of $10 is requested to help offset the cost of the food.

The Nisei Lunch Crew would like to thank those of you who attended the September lunch and would encourage you to invite friends and family to join the party. We hope to see you at next month’s lunch on October 2.  Take care and have a great month!