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Foundation House Pays a Visit to NVC Hall

by Debbie Kashino
September 2015, Volume 65, Issue 8

There is an increasing interest from schools and community groups to come and visit our NVC Memorial Hall.  On August 11th, we hosted the Foundation House Retirement Home, the community where Tak Todo and Frank Muramatsu have been living for the last five years.

Bruce Inaba was the tour guide, and he enjoyed it as much as our visitors because they had such a great appreciation for the preservation of this time in history.  Their appreciation came from their shared memories of the WWII years.  Louise and Debbie Kashino assisted Bruce in the tour.

Our Ema (Japanese-style 'wishing' or message plaque) provide insight into the thoughts and feelings that our visitors take away with them.  Here are some of their comments:

“What a comprehensive exhibit you have!  Having the presentation made by a third generation young man with reminiscences by second generation former internees is excellent.”  - Norma

“What a kind friendly way you all had of sharing a miserable unfair time in the lives of Japanese Americans.  Thank you!”  - Pat Allistan

“I thank Bruce, Debbie and Louise again for the great tour given to us from Foundation House.  So many of our friends here are learning our evacuation story for the first time—the education is great!”  - Frank Muramatsu

“Our trip to the NVC was a wonderful time spent.  It brings back memories for all of us that lived through the WWII era.  Your museum brings out the injustices of the camp but also the heroism of the Japanese Americans that fought and died for the US.  Thank you for showing us.  Well done.” - Chuck Mix

“Everyone enjoyed the visit and others feel like they missed out on a great visit!! The presentations were all well done and they keep talking about it when we see them.  Thank you so much and others want to come down next time.  Great job!”  - Tak Todo

“The center was so interesting and educational.  It brought back so many memories and filled me with good feelings.  It’s well organized and presented beautifully.  Thank you for all the information and stories about that time not so long ago.  We will come again.”  - Lee Gillespie