NVC Newsletter

NVC/NVC Foundation Installation Luncheon

March 2015, Volume 65, Issue 3

It has been 70 Years ago since World War II came to an end and our Nisei Veterans came home.  On Saturday March 14, 2015, at our annual installation luncheon the NVC veterans that attended were honored at the Rainier Golf & Country Club.  We were privileged to have sixteen WWII 442 and MIS veterans attend.  They were:  Mas Fukuhara, George Iwasaki, Jimmie Kanaya, Roy Kirita, Tak Matsui, Frank Muramatsu, Frank Nishimura, Bob Ohashi, Kats Okamoto, Tosh Okamoto, Kenichi Sato, Shig Tanagi, Tosh Tokunaga, Sab Tsuboi, Sam Watanabe, Tosh Yasutake.  Unfortunately, Sam Mitsui was scheduled to attend, but was unable to make it due to illness.  The veterans and their guest were paid for by the NVC, and the vets were provided boutonnieres and all tables were decorated with 70th year decor centerpieces.           

Louise Kashino presented the NVC Shiro Kashino Memorial Scholarship to Taylan Yuasa, son of Mark Yuasa and Jeanne Chang. He is the great-grandnephew of past NVC Commander Shun Yuasa. Taylan hopes to pursue a career in Film/Media Arts at UW.  Debbie Kashino presented the NVC/WAC Scholarship to Christine Ito, daughter of Mark and Dorothy Ito.  She attends graduate school at UW pursuing a career in Education.  Congratulations to both recipients.           

The keynote speaker was well known ABC TV Anchor from Los Angeles, David Ono, who spoke of many interesting experiences from the many projects he has participated in.  His latest project is a video he produced on the Heart Mountain Incarceration Camp in the State of Wyoming.  The video was viewed the following day, Sunday, March 15, at the NVC Hall.           

Officers installed for the NVC are: Yuzo Tokita, Commander; Rick Takeuchi, 1st Vice-Commander; Dale Kaku, 2nd Vice- Commander; Shiz Kaku, Recording and Corresponding Secretary; and PJ Sugimura, Treasurer. 

Officers for NVC Foundation are: Bruce Inaba, President; Ted Tomita, Vice President; Steve Shinoda, Recording Secretary; and Shiz Kaku, Corresponding Secretary. 

Departing NVC Commander, Allen Nakamoto, new NVC Commander, Yuzo Tokita and continuing NVCF President, Bruce Inaba provided appropriate speeches.           

Many thanks to Bob Kiga, who was kind enough to MC the event for us again.  He did his usual great job and told some very amusing jokes in honor of the NVC MC legend, the late Bill Nishimura.  In the absence of Sam Mitsui, Reverend Kaino provided the Invocation and Benediction.  Doug Tsuji provided some great music from the 1940’s, and we had beautiful sunshine throughout the afternoon program.  There was a turnout of over 100 people, and if you didn’t make it this year, we encourage you to be sure to attend next year.