NVC Newsletter

New Foundation Officers and Board Members for 2015

by Bruce Inaba
March 2015, Volume 65, Issue 3

Managing a non-profit organization is no different than running a company except that you’re working with a staff comprised of unpaid volunteers.  Throughout the years, both the NVC and NVC Foundation have been fortunate in recruiting a core of dedicated volunteers who share the passion of honoring the legacy of first and second generation Japanese Americans.  This year is no different, as I would like to welcome two new NVC Foundation officers and two new board members. 

Our new Vice-President for 2015 is Ted Tomita.  Ted just recently retired from a long successful career as the owner of West Coast Printing.  He also served many years on the board of Nikkei Concerns.  We are excited to have someone with as much experience and knowledge as Ted join our team.

Also new to our group of officers is Steve Shinoda who will be our Recording Secretary.  Steve sat on the Foundation board the past year and was a valuable asset to our committee formed to study the feasibility of combining the NVC and NVC Foundation.  In the past year, Steve joined our board, switched careers, was recently married, and now he and his wife are expecting their first child.  This kind of demonstrates the level of energy and dedication Steve possesses.

New to our board this year is David Nomura.  David is a recent Boeing retiree and has been writing our thank you notes and updating our membership software for the past two years.  If you drive by the hall, you’ll most likely see David’s Honda CRV parked in the parking lot almost every day of the week.  That’s how dedicated David is.

Also new to our board is David Yamashita who at 28, will be our youngest member.  I have watched David grow up and used to play basketball with him when he was just a kid.  The thing I will always remember about David is that he will not back down regardless of who he is matched up against.  He possesses a toughness that he inherited from his grandfather, 442 veteran Augie Aratani, and I would much prefer to have that toughness on my side than to be playing against it.

I feel very fortunate to have this talented and dedicated group of individuals joining the NVC Foundation, so please join me in welcoming our new officers and board members for 2015.