NVC Newsletter

Christ the King School Thanks NVC Hall

March 2015, Volume 65, Issue 3

Dear NVC Foundation,

We learned so much from you about Nisei. You taught us a lot of things that were extraordinary. We know a lot about internment camps now. We know that children still had school in camp. They also played sports in camp. We also learned the food in camp was terrible. We learned there were many dangerous places at the camp, like when the child drowned in the pool, and the mud that swallowed Grace's clog. Also the guard had a gun pointed at the people in camp. We learned that at camp everyone had to use communal bathrooms.

We learned that people in America didn't treat Japanese Americans fairly even though they were American citizens who had immigrated from Japan to live a good life here. They were treated terribly just because they were Japanese.

We learned a lot about the Japanese people that served in WWII, like what medals they got and what kind of load they had to carry. Thank you for letting us tour the room with all of the military equipment too.

We learned a lot about how much some Americans hated the Japanese, because we saw the buttons, papers, and comics about how Americans had clubs against the Japanese.

We liked seeing the Memorial Wall, because you could color on paper and get the names of the people who served in wars or who were in internment camps.

It was very special that we got to meet Sat Ichikawa and hear him talk about his life in camp. We liked the sound effects from the book Sat Ichikawa wrote. Every time we asked a question Mr. Ichikawa and the other adults on the committee gave really detailed answers. Thank you also for the autographed copies of The Minidoka Story.

We don't understand why Americans put Japanese Americans in camps. It wasn't right.

You were wonderful hosts. Thank you for the tours and the delicious snacks.


The 4th Grade Class at Christ the King School