NVC Newsletter

March 2015, Volume 65, Issue 3

NVC/NVC Foundation Installation Luncheon

It has been 70 Years ago since World War II came to an end and our Nisei Veterans came home. On Saturday March 14, 2015, at our annual installation luncheon the NVC veterans that attended were honored at the Rainier Golf & Country Club. We were privileged to have sixteen WWII 442 and MIS veterans attend.


NVC Speaker Series: Tom Graves on Twice Heroes

Tom Graves is a significant example of an individual who exercises the NVC and NVC Foundation’s mission of Honoring the past, Educating the future. In 2001, Tom met his first Nisei veteran in San Francisco and from there he began uncovering more and more about the WWII experience.

Next Seattle Yonsei 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament in April

The Seattle Yonsei hosted their first 3-on-3 basketball tournament at the Vets Hall. The Seattle Yonsei, a newly-formed group of 4th generation Japanese-Americans, are working hand-in-hand with the NVCF to raise awareness about the story of Japanese-American incarceration and the Nisei veterans of WWII.

New Foundation Officers and Board Members for 2015

Throughout the years, the NVC and NVC Foundation have been fortunate in recruiting a core of dedicated volunteers who share the passion of honoring the legacy of first and second generation Japanese Americans. Bruce Inaba, NVCF President, welcomes two new NVCF officers and two new board members.

A Hakujin’s View of Gordon Hirabayashi

John Hartman writes about his encounter with the Gordon Hirabayashi Recreation Site near Tuscan. A kiosk at the site summarized Dr. Hirabayashi’s resistance to internment and his belief that treating Japanese American citizens of the United States differently from other citizens is unconstitutional

NVCF Speaker Series: Todd Matthews on Photographer Elmer Ogawa

The evening was very nostalgic to many Nisei in attendance at Todd Matthew’s Speaker Series presentation at NVC Hall. His talk and power point slideshow took us back to Seattle’s local Japanese community during the 1900’s.

Recipients Announced for the NVCF Scholarship Program

Congratulations to the two outstanding recipients of this year’s NVCF Scholarship Program. The scholarships were awarded at the 69th annual NVC Installation Luncheon held at the Rainer Golf and Country Club.

Hirabayashi Place: A Beacon for Civil Rights

The construction of InterIm CDA’s 7-story, 96-unit affordable housing project is underway at 4th and Main, west of Nihonmachi. The building will be named “Hirabayashi Place” in honor of Gordon Hirabayashi, an American hero...

David Ono Gets a Seattle Welcome

The NVC/NVCF had the pleasure of hosting ABC Los Angeles newscaster David Ono for a very busy weekend. David began by being the keynote speaker for the 70th Installation Luncheon.

13th Annual Minidoka Pilgrimage in June

The Minidoka Pilgrimage Planning Committee announces the 2015 pilgrimage dates are Thursday, June 25 through Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Go For Broke 2015 Student Essay and Video Contest

Go For Broke National Education Center announces its 2015 High School and College Student Essay and Video Contest.

Bridging Future and Past

In collaboration with Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), Japanese American and Japanese community groups are presenting three documentary films on the history and experience of Japanese Americans during WWII.