NVC Newsletter

Super Bowl Party at NVC Hall

by Allen Nakamoto
February 2014, Volume 64, Issue 2

As the storm clouds gathered over the Super Bowl Arena in New Jersey, the clear blue skies over Seattle reflected the community pride in our Seahawks Team.  At the NVC Club House, the anticipation, optimism, doubt and enthusiasm brought those fans to support “our team”.  But unlike other gatherings, we all brought special gourmet potluck foods to cheer on our team.  The food, beverages, desserts and snack would entice any beasts roaming in the grandest of "man caves" elsewhere. 

And in accreditation of our spirits, the Seahawks brought back the Super Bowl Champion title for the first time to Seattle.  It might have been the contentment of full bellies or spirits, but we floated out the door as we closed it behind us, ready to return to the NVC Hall for the next event.