NVC Newsletter

Sam Mitsui visits Seattle Keiro

by Randi Saeter, Seattle Keiro Administrator
February 2014, Volume 64, Issue 2

Sam Mitsui, a member of the Nisei Veterans Committee, visited the Seattle Keiro Nursing Home in January to speak to members of the Seattle Keiro Family Council about his experiences before and after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; his memories of the Tule Lake Concentration Camp; the stories of the Nisei soldiers that served in the segregated 100th Bn/442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) and the secret Military Intelligence Service (MIS) during WWII; and his efforts to honor his best friend, Pfc. Tom Haji of the 442nd who was killed in action in Italy in 1945.

Mr. Mitsui spoke of how the Issei and Nisei persevered and overcame the injustices and indignities that were placed upon them by the US Government because of their ethnicity and what happened on December 7, 1941.  Mr. Matsui also told us how the Nisei soldiers showed courage and sacrifice during World War II to prove their loyalty to a Country that put their families behind barbed-wire and showed America that being an American is not based on what you look like but what you believe in.

Mr. Mitsui’s presentation titled “Good Things Grow From Horse Manure” conveyed to all of us in attendance that negative experiences can eventually create positive experiences with the passage of time. 

Mr. Mitsui closed his presentation to us by saying, “What happened to us is now history and justice has been served.  The best thing that we can do is to move forward and learn from history and act on lessons learned”.  

We are very appreciative and proud of what the NVC and NVC Foundation organizations have done for our community, and we at Nikkei Concerns feel very honored and privileged to have provided healthcare services to the Greater Seattle Japanese-American Community since 1975.

On behalf of Seattle Keiro, Nikkei Concerns, and the Seattle Keiro Family Council, I would like to thank the NVC, the NVC Foundation, and Mr. Mitsui for sharing his life experiences with us.