NVC Newsletter

September 2010, Volume 60, Issue 8

NVC Foundation Japanese-American Memorial Wall Dedication

The NVC Foundation Memorial Wall dedication ceremony to honor Japanese American Veterans and Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII was held on September 5th at the NVC Hall. Music entertainment was provided by the Minidoka Swing Band.


Bento Lunch Social

Saturday, September 4th the NVC Hall was a place for friends to get together, eat their bento, look around and find friends to talk to...and just enjoy themselves. It was like an "Indoor Picnic". A great time was had by all at a gathering where everyone could see all their friends at a "happy occasion".

NVC Annual Golf Tournament Highlights

It was a beautiful morning as the sun greeted the golfers ready to enjoy some fresh air, laughter and a great assortment of golf shots. It was great to see a lot of the players back from last year and new players as well. Congratulations to all of the winners and looking forward to seeing you all next year.

JA WWII Veterans Awarded Congressional Gold Medal

As you may have heard, Congress has passed Bill S1055 which awards Japanese American WWII veterans of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service the prestigious Congressional Gold Medal (CGM). As of this writing, President Obama will have signed the Bill...

NVC Foundation Display at the 2010 Aki Matsuri

The NVC Foundation had an informational display at the annual 2010 Aki Matsuri event. The exhibit consisted of four flags flanking the three NVC banners, TV/DVD Projector on three tables selling “Minidoka Story” books, “Going for Honor, Going for Broke” DVD’s, a poster of the NVC Memorial Wall and complimentary NVC booklets and membership brochures.

442 Dedication in Tendola di Fosdinovo, Italy

On Sunday, 12 September 2010, in the mountains of northern Italy between Pisa and Genoa, the citizens of the community called Tendola gathered to pay tribute to 442nd Regimental Combat Team. On this day, a monument was unveiled to honor the 21 Medal of Honor recipients from the 442.

NVC Memorial Wall Dedication Ceremony: Volunteer List

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped at the NVC Memorial Wall Dedication Ceremony on Sunday, September 5, 2010. Please accept our apologies to any we may have missed. You were all wonderful!

Nisei Veterans Committee - OR - NVC Foundation?

When making a donation please remember the Nisei Veterans Committee and the NVC Foundation are two different organization. We frequently have to return checks because they are made out to the wrong organization.