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The Go For Broke Spirit - Portraits of Legacy

The Nisei Veterans Committee, Nisei Veterans Committee Foundation welcomes author and photographer Shane Sato. Sato has just released his second book, "The Go For Broke Spirit - Portraits of Legacy," and presents copies to the Seattle Nisei Veterans who are featured. They are Shig Otani, Fred Shiosaki, Mickey Hiroo, Roy Kirita, George Kozu, Shig Tanagi, and the late Jimmy Kanaya.

Nisei Vets CityStream: Photographer Shane Sato's Nisei Veterans Project

Photographer Shane Sato has spent 20 years documenting the stories of World War II Nisei veterans. Their courage and sacrifice on the battlefield is legendary. But most never spoke about it. Faced with anti-Asian sentiment after the war, they just wanted to blend in. Sato felt the veterans' stories were too important to ignore. So, he set a goal to share their tales of heroism before they faded away. His stunning photography combined with the veterans' personal reflections are contained in the book "The Go For Broke Spirit: Portraits of Courage."

City Stream: Voices of Nisei Veterans Exhibit

The Nisei Veterans Hall has been a gathering place for decades, a place to socialize and build community. Now it can add historical museum to its list of offerings. Shannon Gee finds out how the Nisei Veterans Hall has grown from community center to educational resource.

City Stream: Nisei Veterans' Hall Traditions

For decades the Nisei Veterans` Hall has been a community gathering place, with one of the most popular events being afternoon dances for seniors. Now, the next generation is stepping up to keep the dances going while sharing the history and legacy of the Japanese American Veterans of World War Two.

"Journey of Heroes" comic book depicts soldiers' experiences in WWII

A "Journey of Heroes" comic book depicts the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team's experiences in World War II.

Densho Oral History - Frank S. Fujii

Frank S. Fujii describes how he was reunited with his father at the Minidoka incarceration camp, Idaho, after nearly three years.

Densho Oral History - George Morihiro

George Morihiro talks about entering the Puyallup Assembly Center and how "the day you walked through that gate, you know you lost something."

Witness: Inspiring true story of Nisei soldiers

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An incredible group of Japanese-American soldiers in World War II changed the world and touched many lives with their dignity and honor.

Good Things Grow From Horse Manure by Sam Mitsui

Sam Mitsui at NVC Memorial Hall. Sam recorded in 2015, pictures added for presentation in 2016. Pictures from Sam and from Densho archive.