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The NVC Foundation Scholarship Program

The NVC Foundation Scholarship Program awards up to four scholarships each year. The first is the NVC/WAC Scholarship for $3000. This honors the Nisei Veterans Committee and the former Women’s Auxiliary Committee.

In addition up to three scholarships for $3000 are awarded to honor Shiro Kashino, a highly decorated member of the 442nd RCT, the 2nd Commander of the NVC and an active community leader. These scholarships are the Shiro Kashino Memorial Scholarship.

For all the scholarships both high school seniors and college students may apply.

Applicants for these scholarships must be a relative of an NVC or NVC Foundation member. Special preference will be given to those students who have helped support the NVC and the NVCF organizations. They will be given an additional 10 points on the judging criteria for their volunteer efforts. Also those students who are selected must be willing to help with future NVC and NVC Foundation events.

To apply, eligible students should use the following PDF:

NVC Foundation Scholarship Application (PDF)

For more information, please email education@nvcfoundation.org.