Hall Tour

NVC Hall

The historic NVC Hall has served as a Japanese American community center since the 1950s. It has always been thought to be a "living museum" so in 2013, the NVC Foundation collaborated with the Wing Luke Museum to redesign the displays in the hall. This was funded by a National Park Service Grant.

The tour includes information on the following displays:
- Pre-War, The Beginning
- The Internment Experience, The Forced Confinement Room
- The Medal of Honor Room, The Military Museum
- Post-War, Returning from War and the formation of the NVC and building of the hall
- Memorial Wall, Honoring The Veterans of all Conflicts and World War II Internees


Through the years, we have provided speakers who were WWII Nisei Veterans. As the numbers have declined, we now include Internment Camp Survivors as our speakers.

Please indicate your choice of speakers and we will try to accommodate your request. Speakers usually make a 30 minute presentation.

NVC Foundation Tour/Program Request Form

For more information, please contact Debbie Kashino at education@nvcfoundation.org.