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Community News - JCCCW 2021 Virtual Tomodachi Gala


June 17, 2021


Online - Virtual

Start Time

7:00 pm

End Time

7:45 pm

JCCCW2021 Virtual Tomodachi Gala

Join the 2021 Virtual Tomodachi Gala on Thursday, June 17, from 7:00-7:45 PM. This year's theme is Resilience. Just like the sakura tree that bursts into bloom after each winter, celebrate the J’s perseverance in the face of this worldwide pandemic.

Come to honor Tazue and Yutaka Sasaki and find out more about the ‘J’ over the last year - from cataloging museum items, hosting other virtual events, and reopening the beloved Hosekibako to the public! Tazue and Yutaka Sasaki have led the Seattle Cherry Blossom for over 42 years as well as the Musical Bridge Concerts, and long term support of the Seattle Japanese Language School. Join in honoring the Sasakis for their work to strengthen and celebrate the U.S.-Japan relationship.

To Participate, please go to our YouTube channel at: www.youtube.com/user/JCCCWA/  and you will see the live program on June 17th at 7PM (PDT)!

Free to join! Donate today!  WEBSITE: https://www.jcccw.org/tomodachi-gala