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Nisei Lunch Program - CANCELED


September 04, 2020


NVC Memorial Hall, 1212 South Main Street, Seattle, WA 98144

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Nisei Lunch Program is on break for 2020 - Note from Keith Yamaguchi, Chair

"There is so much uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 virus.  I do not think any of us realized just how much our lives would be impacted due to the recent pandemic and it appears that we have a long road ahead of us until the situation has stabilized.  I am afraid the “new normal” will be much different than what we have experienced in the past.

The Nisei Lunch Program has been an integral program hosted by the NVC /NVCF since 2015, however, this might be an opportune time for us to take a step back and take a hiatus for 2020.   In my opinion, the future is too uncertain, and the risks are too great to continue the program for the remainder of this year.  If the situation changes and becomes clearer, we can always revisit the Nisei Lunch program, however, until that time comes it is probably for the best that we take this action."

Please read the entire article in the June NVC & NVCF Newsletter. Click on this link:  https://www.nvcfoundation.org/newsletter/2020/6/nisei-lunch-program/