2018 Minidoka Pilgrimage


July 05, 2018


WRA Camp Site near Twin Falls, ID

Start Time

Four day event

End Time


July 5-8 -- The Minidoka Pilgrimage Planning Committee sponsors the 2018 Minidoka Pilgrimage

In 1942, close to 13,000 people of Japanese-ancestry, many of whom were American citizens, were removed from their homes in the Pacific Northwest and sent to a desolate “incarceration camp" near Twin Falls, Idaho.  This summer, the 16th pilgrimage will take place with former incarcerees, their families, and friends - from Seattle, Portland and across the nation - to the former Minidoka Camp in Idaho.  This is an opportunity to learn, share memories, and ask questions about the Minidoka experience. 

Consider participating as a way to bring your family together and reconnect with friends.  Participation is limited. Information at: