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Your donation to the NVC will help to recognize, honor, preserve, promote and sustain the legacy of the military history of the Nikkei, through various programs and services for the NVC veterans, their families, friends of the NVC and the community.
NVC Foundation

Donations to the NVC Foundation will help us support our mission of honoring those Japanese Americans who displayed courage and loyalty to our country at a time when their rights were compromised. Our events and activities are focused on prolonging the Japanese American legacy and to educate younger generations of this often overlooked chapter in history.
NVC Foundation Endowment Fund
Donations to the NVC Foundation Endowment will help ensure the continued existence of the NVC Memorial Hall, the Japanese American Memorial Wall, and the educational programs and events sponsored by the NVC Foundation. Your support will help us continue the Japanese American legacy for future generations. For more information, please go to the NVC Foundation Endowment Fund page.

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