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About Us

Our Mission, Vision, and Principles

Our mission statement is to preserve and honor the Japanese American legacies and to provide community programs that meet the educational, cultural and social needs of the broader community.

Constitution & By-Laws

The NVC and NVC Foundation constitutions and by-laws are the governing documents of our organizations. They outline and document our purpose, membership information, meeting schedules, amendments, and much more. These documents are made available online in PDF format for easy access.


Both the NVC and NVC Foundation welcome new individuals who are interested in joining one, or both of our organizations. Becoming a member is quick and easy. For eligibility requirements, please refer to the individual membership forms in the Membership section of our website.


Donations help the NVC and NVC Foundation grow and continue supporting our goal of honoring Japanese American legacies and providing educational opportunities for future generations and the community.

Officers & Board

The officers and board members of the NVC and NVC Foundation oversee organization operations and management. Meeting once a month at the NVC Memorial Hall, they make the necessary decisions to ensure both groups continue fulfilling the mission of honoring the past and educating the future.

NVC Foundation Endowment Fund

The NVC Foundation's endowment fund is a donation opportunity managed through its Planned Giving Program, which ensures the NVC and Japanese American legacies will be passed down to future generations.